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Lapland is an area located in the mostnorthern part of Finland which spreads also through the northern parts of Sweden and Norway. Finnish Lapland covers over 100 366 km2. It is a great outdoor destination, and it is known as a popular tourist destination because of its gorgeous arctic nature, outdoor activities, and the legend of Santa Claus. This year, we offer you the opportunity to experience Lapland to the fullest and to get immersed in the magical Northern world. 


We offer plenty of exciting seasonal jobs in Lapland in the hospitality industry, and the chance to turn work into the adventure of a lifetime. We think a good working life needs to be balanced with excellent leisure time, and in Lapland, you can enjoy plenty of unique experiences and amazing winter activities. If you’re ready to start your new winter job in Lapland, we have the solution! We offer jobs for chefs, waiters, cleaners, receptionists, housekeepers, dishwashers, and other specialists. Check out our open positions: 

Are you excited to discover astonishing landscapes and untouched wilderness or hike into routes that take your breath away? Or maybe the idea of catching delicious fish, riding a dog, or a reindeer sled is for a long time on your bucket list? Barona is providing you with all the tools to turn your dreams into reality. We offer you great winter work opportunities, accommodation in Lapland, relocation support, a friendly community, and unforgettable experiences. To get inspired, here are a few activities to enjoy and locations that will melt your heart during your Lapland work adventure!


Northern lights hunt – get ready to embark on various trips across the Lappish wilderness in the search of Aurora Borealis. The northern lights are mostly seen outside the city areas and far from any light pollution, when the sky is clear. If you’re set to discover the secrets of the northern lights, then prepare yourselves for diverse tours and excursions. 



Reindeer and husky trips – husky and reindeer sled rides are just one step away from all Lapland inhabitants and visitors. This traditional way of transportation will bring your closer to the Lappish culture, but also to these beautiful huskies and reindeer, which are a synonym of a Northern winter. You will also spot reindeer outside if you will walk close to the forests or snowy parks, as these animals are part of the locals’ daily life. Of course, if you want to feed a reindeer or to get closer, you can visit a reindeer farm. 



Snowmobile rides and skiing – if speed is fuelling you up, a drive on a snowmobile on the snowy terrain, hills, or forests for sure will complete your Lapland experience. You can choose the routes that suit you best and advance your adventure around the Arctic Circle. For ski lovers – Lapland can become your second home, as sky opportunities are endless here. Cross-country skiing is the most popular in Finland, for example. 



Greet Santa – you can visit Santa’s house in Rovaniemi, his hometown, and also meet his faithful elves. Year after year he’s making sure to read all the letters he gets and pack carefully presents for children waiting for him around the world. When in Rovaniemi, you can take a photo with him and send postcards from Santa’s post office to your dear ones.



Sami culture and traditions – the oldest Northern culture is a vibrant landmark for Lapland, that is worth exploring while working or living in northern Finland. If you want to go by their steps, you need to know that fishing, hunting, and reindeer herding are activities that advanced the Sami population. Their traditional handicrafts include textiles and clothing items that are highly appreciated for their sustainable origin. Wood cups, jewelry items, and other traditional products will catch your attention, while Sami shoes or gloves will keep you warm amidst the harshest winters. To get warmed, try Sami cuisine and experience the pure taste of local ingredients. Most Sami dishes are based on reindeer meat, fish, and berries.



And the most important – enjoy a slow life and the peace of Lappish nature! Don’t forget to take deep breaths of fresh air, indulge in unique natural landscapes, and take the best out of this adventure, either work or leisure time.


With Barona, you can work in the most outstanding hotels, resorts, and restaurants, that will open for you the wonder and magic of Lapland:

Santa Claus Holiday Village – The Holiday Village is located eight kilometers from the center of Rovaniemi, and close to Rovaniemi airport. Accessing the location is easy and smooth. In this family company, high-quality customer service is the most important thing and brisk, positive, and trustworthy employees are appreciated. All the apartments and cottages in the Santa Claus Holiday Village on the Arctic Circle have been built in the 2010s, which means they are exceptional in terms of both quality and atmosphere.

Santa Claus Holiday Village’s restaurants include the original lunch restaurant Christmas House, as well as the a’la carte restaurants Three Elves and the newest addition to Santa’s Cuisine, and an elegant lobby bar, serving various drinks and cocktails. During the busiest winter season, all three restaurants serve customers from breakfast to dinner, offering food experiences with a mixture of ingredients from Lapland and other worldwide food styles.

Apukka Resort – Apukka Resort, only a 15-minute drive from Rovaniemi city center, combines unique, innovative experiences with traditions and true, unspoiled nature. Apukka Resort is a full-serving Resort offering unique Aurora accommodation in Kammi and Komsio Suites, Aurora Cabin glass igloos, and Aurora Wagons. The location stands out with its glass igloos, where the majesty of the Arctic sky and the wonderment of the Aurora Borealis can be enjoyed from the comfort of the bed. The Resort’s Restaurant Aitta serves daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Nordic cuisine with a modern twist, within a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Apukka resort is open with 2 restaurants, where delicious aromas, echoing laughter, and pure joy fill the air. The Resort’s Restaurant Aitta serves daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Nordic cuisine with a modern twist, within a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Levi Hotel Spa – Levi Hotel Spa Resort and Design Hotel Levi are situated in Lapland around extremely fragile and unique nature. The Hotel includes various restaurants such as – Classic Pizza Restaurant which offers the best pizzas in the middle of Levi’s beautiful scenery; The new Kekäle Restaurant & Casual Fine Dining; Ahku Kitchen & Restaurant which offer the best buffet; and Burger King.

Star Arctic Hotel – located in a unique spot – on top of the Kaunispää mountain with a spectacular view over Saariselkä, the hotel is an architectural masterpiece, blending modern design with the surrounding nature’s beauty. Their rooms are built with full comfort in mind. The hotel’s services include a restaurant, bar, sauna, shop, transport, and a wide range of activities for their guests.

The Wilderness Center Restaurant has 80 seats and is licensed for also alcohol serving. The kitchen offers both traditional Lappish dishes, along with modern cuisine. Among the used local products is fish from Inari lake as well as reindeer meat from local reindeer herders.

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