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What do you want from the upcoming summer? Something to do, great new experiences, and real, actual money in the bank? You’re in the right place! This year applying to Barona is easier than ever – you can apply all summer jobs with just one application!

Job description

The world is open, and it awaits for you! You can find your dream job for the summer from Barona in a wide variety of fields: Would you like to be a salesperson in a flower shop, a barista at a seaside café, a warehouse worker in a cold storage, a marketing trainee at an accounting firm… or something completely different? All choices are excellent!

This year you can apply to all summer jobs with one application – just one! Tell us what you are interested in, and we try our hardest to help you find a match among hundreds of job opportunities. Pretty amazing!

Right attitude is all you need – everything else you can learn!

We won’t hold any skills and experience against you, but the most important thing you need is the right attitude – the right attitude matters the most! It means you’re eager to learn new things, punctual and ready to get things done.

So please tell us about yourself, your skills and your goals as well as about your availability with as much details as possible.

Here are some examples that might make it easier for you to find a summer job:

  • You can work from beginning of June until end of August, or even from May to September
  • You are fluent enough in English, and know perhaps some Finnish, too
  • You are prepared to work in the evening shifts and on weekends
  • You have experience in some software used widely in specific field
  • You can commute with for example a car or a bike to somewhere where the public transport connections are not that good

Are you between 16 and 18 years old? You can definitely apply to us, but we can only employ adults for most of the jobs. Unfortunately, we do not have working opportunities for people under 16 this summer.

What we offer

We are a trusted recruiter and employer with competitive benefits, and with Barona, you can be certain that we comply to all laws and collective agreements. We believe that everyone has the right to be who they are, at workplace just like everywhere else, so come just as you are.

Also: if you want to keep working after the summer, maybe alongside studying, through us it can be possible in the same or some other job!

Sounds good?

We think so too! Fill out your application right away! This is the only application you need to fill out!

After sending your application, you can help us by logging into your new Barona Careers account (it can be old if you’ve applied to us before) and marking all the interesting summer jobs as your favorites. That really is all that there is to it! We look forward to getting your application!

Barona Finland collects this data with the purpose of potentially recruiting new employees. Barona Finland will store this data up to 3 years after the application is submitted. You can anytime withdraw your application by informing Read to learn how we handle your data.

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Barona Oy

Freedom and choices – that’s what we at Barona are about. Work for a bit or decades if you want, there are many ways to work at Barona.

We are one of the biggest employers in Finland and can be there for you in whatever twists and turns you want your work life to take. We find jobs for 30,000 people every year.

In our world, everyone with the right attitude gets a job just as they are. With their own name and their own personality. All what is needed is the desire to learn new things.

More responsible, more humane – that is the work life we’re building at Barona.

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